Our Mission

To facilitate the development of the South African cannabis industry providing opportunities and meaningful jobs for  impoverished rural communities.


On this day, under Mother Nature’s caring and guiding hand, South Africans from all parts of the country, with varied interests and connections to the Cannabis plant come together in solidarity to lend our collective spirit in the struggle for the long awaited justice for this plant.

With justice of the Cannabis plant restored,  we stand to benefit from the unprecedented and enormous potential that this plant offers to the human species and to Earth’s environment.

The CDCSA arises out of a discriminatory and painful past, whereby both the plant and humans have suffered great indignities and injustices at the hands of the historically ill-informed, the wantonly self-interested and a rampant economically monopolistic agenda.

The birth of the CDCSA is a direct response to this exclusion, marginalisation and discrimination.

In good conscience and with a deep consciousness to live in free, enlightened and peaceful communities, it is our desire to constitute the social and industrial movement comprising of a rich diversity of South Africans from all walks of life, to right the wrongs of the past by embracing the virtues of social, economic and political inclusion. We further recognise that in the course and nature of our work, consensus building amongst ourselves ,and present and future evidence based knowlege will remain a core principle and guiding light. Our commitment to a democratic ethos, both in our internal workings and our respect for the existence of the different views of others in our communities shall frame our method and approach to our work.

With these organisational aspirations, we therefore choose to form a section 21 company under the companies act to give predictable comfort to all we work with and accountability to all we work for and with.

The cannabis plant will rebuild community pride and the ideals of the South African constitution, the cornerstone of which is “social justice, our inalienable right to live in a free society and equality before the law”. It will generate a renewed project of people empowerment, restoring the humanity of all people and building an equitable society where people live in peace, dignity and respect for each other and the earth.

The CDCSA envisions a plethora of uses of the Cannabis plant across community and societal life. Cannabis will play a pivotal and important role in the quest to end poverty, contributing by providing nutritious food, healthy durable and energy efficient homes, affordable and effective medicine, work and entrepreneurial opportunities to reduce poverty.

The CDCSA programmes, offer opportunities to empower those without access to them to end privilege and effect redress to enable us to reach our potential as a compassionate people and nation.

Intrinsic to this are the tenets of non-discrimination including the rights of the child, the differently abled, non-racism, ageism, sexual orientation, non-sexism and gender equality addressing the historical patriarchy and emancipation of women in society as part of the birthing a new morality that places the interests of the individual above the interests of the institution. This vision of the CDCSA shall guide the scope and direction of its work.