Public-Private Partnership

The proposed CDCSA will be formed as a Community Public, Private Partnership. The CDCSA initiators intend to engage further with provincial, territorial and municipal governments, experts, patients, advocates, Indigenous governments and representative organizations, employers and industry.

The equally important second step for the CDCSA working committee is to link with existing intergovernmental forums that deal with industrial and medicinal cannabis. The CDCSA objectives and structure proposed is in line with the resolution taken by the National Hemp Foundation (NHF) in December 2015 to form a cannabis governing body that includes private and public sector stakeholders.

The NHF included the following Government Departments:

• Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
• Department of Economic Development
• Department of Environmental Affairs
• Department of Justice and the SAPS
• Department of rural development land reform
• Department of Science and Technology
• Department of Small Business Development
• Department of Trade and Industry

Furthermore the CDCSA will engage with following stakeholder’s active and or identified as key in other interdepartmental forums that have cannabis programs including Cannabis Working Group, the CDA cannabis round table stakeholders as and the Department of Small Business Development supported Indigenous African Cannabis Incubator Programs.