Proposed Licenses


  • Informal Farmers
  • Commercial Farmers
  • Cultural/Religious groups, Sangomas and traditional healers
  • Educational Institutions and Research facilities
  • Cannabis Co operatives

Manufacturing and Processing

  • Semi processing Industries, hemp biomass suppliers, raw oil producers, Biomass producers – Industrial & Commercial
  • Pharmaceutical industries, medicine manufacturers,
  • Consumables manufacturers (non medicinal/recreational, cosmetics
  • Transporters and Storage
  • Industry related training and skills development providers (SETA Accreditation)
  • Biofuel Refineries
  • Other- As defined by the Minister and Apex regulatory bodies – Includes retail outlets

Retail and consumer suppliers

  • Pharmacy outlets, clinics, treatment centers and medical institutions and Medical practitioners (not including traditional healers), veterinary outlets
  • Dispensaries – Non medicinal products, Edibles, recreational extracts
  • On consumption outlets (“Coffee shops”) and recreational user taverns
  • Industrial and Commercial products suppliers – Hemp textiles, bio fuel suppliers, Hemp based and processed non consumable product suppliers
  • Seed Suppliers
  • Hospitality and Tourism related industries, tour operators, medical tourist providers and treatment centres
  • Edible food products,

End User/Consumer markets

  • Industrial and commercial applications,
  • Medical applications,
  • Recreational users,
  • Traditional healers,
  • Religious and cultural groups,
  • Foreign trade customers,
  • Textile and Hempcrete industries,
  • Bio fuels and plastics,
  • Clinics and healthcare centres,
  • Cannabis tours and hospitality.